Recycling & Waste Management for Devon & across the South West

Recycling & Waste Management Services for Devon & across the South West

Your waste and recycling – sorted.

TQ Recycling offers businesses in Devon and the South West a one-stop shop for their waste and recycling.

We’re an award-winning, Devon-grown company that has spearheaded improvements to trade waste collection services in the county.

Whether you’re a multi-national manufacturer or a small independent retailer we have your waste and recycling needs sorted.

TQ Recycling Services

TQ is more than just a waste collection company. We’ve put recycling and responsible waste management at the heart of our business ethos.

We believe the easier it is for you to recycle the more you’ll do it and the better that will be for your pocket and the environment.

So how so we achieve this?

First of all, we offer businesses in Devon and the South West a complete waste collection service. We pick up your recycling, general waste and construction waste. You only need one company – us – to deal with all your waste management requirements. This way we can ensure only truly non-recyclable material is sent to landfill.

We’ll conduct a detailed waste audit. This isn’t a desktop exercise. We bring your bins to our recycling factory and sort through by hand. We check your general waste is only non-recyclables. We also make sure your recycling is as close to 100% pure as possible.

Once we’re working with a client we provide ongoing assessments to check waste is being properly disposed of.

We are able to offer this level of service because we are the only company in the south Devon area to have our own recycling factory. We keep complete control of the material we collect. We don’t need to send it miles up the M5 to be processed.

Our factory has revolutionized the waste collection services available for businesses across Devon and the South West. We pioneered mixed-recycling containers – our Omni system. We also dramatically increased the types of materials that could be recycled. Our modern machinery can identify and sort dozens of different grade of plastic meaning virtually every type of plastic can now be recycled by us.

Thousands of customers from across Devon have already seen the benefit of our services. We hope you soon will too.

Why use TQ?

1. We will SAVE YOU MONEY:

Recycling is cheaper than general waste.

Amazingly, even companies with a recycling service can waste money on unnecessary general waste collections. We make sure that never happens.

Our clients frequently recycle 70- 90 percent of their rubbish - saving them thousands of pounds in the process.

Ask us for a free waste audit to make sure you are reaching your full recycling potential.

2. Our system is EASY:

For most businesses just two containers are needed - one for your general waste and our unique OMNIBIN system for all your recycling.

All your paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and tins – in one bin.

We collect every type of plastic, from bubble wrap and polystyrene to cling film and plastic cups. We also collect glass, construction and demolition waste all of which goes through a recycling process to ensure as much material is diverted away from landfill as possible.


TQ Recycling has won awards for its innovative practices.

We pride ourselves in offering flexible, intelligent solutions to our clients' problems. We take the time to understand your business.

Our team is based at our depot in Kingsbridge so there is always someone local and on-hand to talk to.

4. With us your businesses is GREENER

We regularly help companies double their recycling rates overnight.

This is great PR in its own right but also helps with coveted quality awards such as the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

We look after our local environment too. TQ Recycling has its own high-tech recycling factory. The recycling we collect doesn't have to travel hundreds of miles to be processed. This means our own carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.

No wonder thousands of Devon businesses are delighted to be recycled by the TQ9er's.

TQ Recycling